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Tornado F5 Bearings

Tornado F5 Bearings

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Our stage 5 full ceramic bearings are not recommended for quad use . They are made of high-quality black ceramic races and balls. These full ceramic bearings are our top tier bearings but still at a reasonable price point. Still much less expensive than our competitors top tier bearings. You will not be disappointed with the performance or price of these bearings when you compare them to our competitors top tier bearings (which are hybrid bearings with steel inner and outer races and ceramic balls).

*Each set of tornado bearings comes standard with our lime green dust shields and complimentary spacers. The full ceramics do not come with shields not designed to be used in them. We don't not recommend these bearings to be used in a wheel that you can't push the bearing in with your fingers and pop out by hitting the wheel on your palm of your hand. If pressing the bearings in is required it will most likely damage the balls or the races in the process of doing this. Oil is not necessary for the full ceramic bearings but can be used in them but will attract more dirt as the use of it is done. We do not recommend the use in quad wheels for this type of bearing as they throw up more dirt from the floors into the bearings which makes the performance suffer as a result.

For custom applications (an additional $5.00 charge will apply) users can upgrade the dust shields to the color of their choice. An additional $5.00 charge will apply.

As with all bearings regular maintenance (cleaning/oiling) is required for optimal performance. They are 16 bearings sets.

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