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Sale! Piper Legand

Sale! Piper Legand

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Pushing boundaries in the flat-track speed skating world is where it all started in 1987, fast forward to 2023, it remains our leading focus. From Hyper Octane to Atom IQ to our most current Duo-Tech, Neal Piper has redesigned, retooled, reinvigorated a new generation of racing wheels…again!

Neal is well known for his ability to provide the flat-track market with superior & consistent race formulas. For more information about Neal’s history click here.

  • M-Disc: New materials specifically for indoor flat-track racing, rigid and responsive
  • Duo-Tech: 2-n-1 (Two wheels in one), our central engine
  • Central engine: More pop, more roll, more grip
  • Voodoo Thane: The original indoor racing formula
  • Sold as – Each
  • Packaging – Four packs (Wheels may arrive without packaging, depending on purchase quantity)
  • Size: 110 core -74mm / Indoor Profile
  • Size: 100 Velocity core 64mm / indoor profile matches 110
  • Hardness: Utility-Red, Firm-Purple, XFirm-Orange, XXFirm-Green
  • Red Utility-Super Glue, no pain no gain, grips on any surface. You can perfect technique and work hard even on slick surfaces.
  • Purple Firm – Almost any surface, best grip roll combination for training and racing.
  • Orange XFirm – Great for good floors, turn and burn with one of grippiest and fastest wheels for indoor racing.
  • Green XXFirm – For great floor conditions, use all 8 or mix with orange and get ready to break records.
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