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Piper G14 M-DISC

Piper G14 M-DISC

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The original one twenty-five

Piper continues to press ingenuity in 125. As 125 took over the marathon market we continued applying resources, staying ahead of the big wheel world. Our latest M-Disc has proven to be arguably the fast marathon wheel in the world.


  • Original G Thane
  • 89mm core, lightweight, built to be the fastest in a straight line
  • XL Super Charged band, 67A
  • Disc core, displacing the weight of the wheel to the outside creating momentum of inertia
  • Bearing seats one piece, precision tooled to perfection
  • Sold as – Each / 4pk / case
  • Packaging – 3 pks (wheels may arrive without packaging, depending on purchase quantity)
  • Size: 125
  • Hardness: F1
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