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We’ve got new killer JUNK!!

If you know JUNK, you know we’re on a tireless pursuit of ultimate speed. We engineer an idea, we test it, we tweak it, and all for that bit of “extra” with every new product.

This wheel’s inspiration came from a wheel you’re already familiar with, one that “reaped” countless medals and turned skaters into world champions. What’s the difference? A stiffer hub and a few top-secret “tweaks” under the hood.

Killer Junk wheels have been extensively tested by our top sprinters and endurance skaters. The result – they roll like a harder wheel while gripping like a softer one. Our long-distance skaters have loved the extra roll for points and elimination races. Our sprinters love it for that second half of the 1,000-meter races when they get the stanky leg.

What’s more – the natural hub, containing no pigments, has proven to outperform colored hubs. In tests, this resulted in better roll, grip, and wear resistance. As with all our other wheels, the urethane is also in its raw form – no additives or pigments added.

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